The meteoric rise in drone and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) usage presents a dangerous new frontier for safety and security efforts both home and abroad.

Human life, strategic interests, and commercial endeavors are under increasing threat due to the intrinsic versatility and stealth of a drone, as well as the weaponized application opportunities they provide.

The covert operation of drones combined with the limitless and evolving civilian, commercial, and military applications of the technology is a major safety threat to all of sectors of society. A drone offers unprecedented and inconspicuous access to a target, rendering victims defenseless and unprepared for a range of physical attacks or privacy breaches.

Given the ubiquitous threat of drones and the sheer number of potential targets available for a motivated actor, Verus developed SkyView to provide early warning of the presence of a UAS to the operator. The precious time from UAS detection to UAS arrival provided by SkyView allows the opportunity to execute procedures to mitigate or reduce the threat to personnel and facilities. Controlling your airspace and implementing an early warning system is imperative to maintaining the dynamic security of any facility or operational area.

Below is a list of scenarios and highly valuable targets SkyView’s revolutionary drone detection technology is built to protect.