The rising popularity and advancement of consumer drone technology has resulted in an increased number of commercial and private use Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) occupying airspace. However, regulations regarding the safe and proper use of drones are lagging behind the increased possession of them. This has revealed a variety of scenarios in which the presence of drones can threaten the safety of planes and their passengers.

Increased drone traffic in the vicinity of airports has resulted in a spike of near-miss incidents with commercial and civilian aircraft and caused costly delays to flight scheduling or interference with first responder air operations. In addition, the potential of sUAS to be weaponized or used for intentional nefarious activities increases with the significant advances in technology that allow for sophisticated payloads, longer battery life, and long-distance operations. Therefore, reliable detection and management of problematic drones before an incident occurs is imperative for public safety.

SkyView-DI provides a verified and validated solution for long-range detection providing cardinal tracking with a single-node sensor array. SkyView’s streamlined design omits the requirement of placing additional sensors beyond the airport perimeter and includes an intuitive user interface that requires minimal training without the operational fatigue introduced by competing alternatives.

Potential threats sUAS pose to Airports

  • Intentional interference with Commercial and Private Aircraft Operations

  • Unintentional interference with airport operations by uninformed operators

  • Smuggling weapons and contraband past physical security checkpoints

  • SkyView’s long range detection of over 20 Class-1 UAS platforms allows ample time to be alerted when impending drones are approaching and prepare to mitigate the incoming risk.