Governments have never been more vulnerable than they are now in the age of the affordable and commercially available drones. The espionage, monitoring of VIPs and their movements, emplacement of electronic or acoustic collection device capabilities a drone possesses threatens every aspect of a sovereign national security policy.

The proliferation of Class 1 Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) have presented governments with a new threat against facilities and interests both domestically and abroad. Best practice strategies suggest that governments should proactively monitor and control their respective airspaces via adaptable drone detection and mitigation programs.

Espionage from both domestic and foreign entities has risen sharply in correlation with the popularity of drone usage, as motivated individuals and groups seek to infiltrate government organizations and disrupt major public services or events. Drone usage in this regard also presents a major loss of life threat as neo-terrorism continues its use of violence in public on civilians creating an environment of fear and uncertainty.

Constituents are looking to their governments during this period of heightened terrorism activity for practical, effective UAS solutions which ensure an acceptable level of public safety is maintained. Governments who fail at recognizing the current threat posed by unregulated drone usage to public safety, national security and strategic interests are prime targets in this new phase of modern diplomacy and warfare.

Potential threats sUAS pose to governments

  • Nuclear, energy generation and storage facilities

  • Water holding, treatment and disbursement centers

  • Airports and healthcare operators

  • Telecommunication facilities, financial institutions

  • Government assets/buildings including scientific research stations

  • Correctional Facilities

SkyView’s long range detection of over 20 Class-1 UAS platforms allows ample time to be alerted when impending drones are approaching and prepare to mitigate the incoming risk.