Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) are vital in any 21st century military operation. Thus, controlling airspace in operational areas is paramount in preserving life and achieving tactical objectives.

Drones often attack a military/security organization’s headquarters and areas of operation. Drones can be precursors to lethal force if not detected early. Additionally, the enemy uses them for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) making drones extremely effective in inflicting precision attacks often resulting in casualties and/or surveillance artifacts for propaganda purposes.

The “stealth and stand-off advantage” is enticing to enemy combatants who use drones to deliver weaponized payloads. Early drone detection via Verus SkyView allows execution of pre-established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and continued military operations in an area of high drone usage.

SkyView-MP provides a mobile and lightweight long-range drone detection solution ideally suited for missions conducted by military and security forces that cover vast distances on patrol or to venue. This model allows moving beyond stationary CUAS protection with confidence and allows troops to focus on the mission at-hand instead of worrying about nefarious drone activity. This system comes equipped with a pole mount allowing the user to quickly deploy it for a temporary fixed-site application.

SkyView-DI provides an even longer-range detection capability using directional antenna arrays providing 90° cardinal direction (North, South, East or West) information and enhancing mitigation strategies or providing detailed information while optimizing integrated technology capability such as cameras or radar. SkyView systems have a very low false detection rate and allows systematic escalation during detection and greatly reduces operator fatigue — common with radar systems manned full-time. The 90° sector detection enhances concentration for radar operators and provides a smaller “threat box” for faster tracking and identification providing maximum user confidence and countermeasure integration while SkyView-DI is deployed.

Potential threats sUAS pose to Facilities and Force Protection Operations

  • Weaponization by Non-State Actors

  • Surveillance of Facilities and Force Protection Operations

  • Corrective fire during an Indirect fire (IDF) event

  • VBIED Operations

  • Propaganda Footage

SkyView’s long range detection of over 20 Class-1 UAS platforms allows ample time to be alerted when impending drones are approaching and prepare to mitigate the incoming risk.