The use of consumer unmanned aircraft systems (drones) has become so widespread that what was once a term used in military circles has now become a household word. With consumer drone sales for 2018 expected to reach 13 million units globally, according to Business Insider, the desire to own a drone is clearly rising. However, as the case with any technology, with the many benefits come many risks. The airborne mobility of drones and the novelty have left a gap in government regulation that can leave your personnel, your facility or your business exposed. Verus addresses these potential threats with SkyView, a counter UAS solution to detect and identify Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

SkyView Features

  • Price-competitive, long range detection, alerting, and tracking of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Intuitive, single-view UI that requires minimal operator training
  • Fully Automated (Scans, Detects, and Alerts without user-intervention)
  • Audible and Visual Indicators on detections and detection transitions
  • Fixed-Site (SkyView-DI) and Mobile (SkyView-MP) configurations to support diverse missions
  • Extensible Software-based library that is continuously enhanced to address emerging threats
  • Extensible API for eased integration with complimentary CUAS technologies

Skyview offers two solutions: a fixed site and mobile version, to help close that gap and protect you.


The Skyview-DI system for fixed-site applications provides long range detection, identification, alerting, and directional tracking of Class 1 Unmanned Aircraft Systems.



The SkyView-MP system provides a highly mobile (<12 LBS with Power Source) solution to provide long range detection and alerting of Class 1 Unmanned Aircraft Systems.