SkyView-DI: Long Range / Fixed Site UAS Detection

The emergence, proliferation and rapid evolution of drone technology heralds a new era of unprecedented risk, danger and uncertainty for every facet of society.

The SkyView-DI drone detection system provides unparalleled drone detection solutions, which are suitable and effective for a range of diverse private, commercial and military applications using passive radio frequency (RF) detection which is legal to use in the United States.

SkyView-DI (Directional Indication) provides long range detection with 90° cardinal direction (North, South, East or West) detection from a single antenna array for all drones within the library. This directional information can either be used independently to execute your mitigation strategy or provide critical long-range information to enhance performance of other integrated systems such as EO/IR cameras or radar.

SkyView-DI Capabilities

  • Long range detection, identification and tracking of 20+ Class-1 UAS platforms
  • Single node design allows for long range 360° detection with cardinal tracking resolution (North, South, East or West) for use in fixed site or long-duration expeditionary applications
  • Network enabled to allow for remote monitoring and simplified integration with complimentary CUAS technologies such as ECM, radar, optical sensors or others
  • Single 6U enclosure houses SkyView-DI computer and RF processor components with available climate-controlled outdoor enclosure for long term deployments in harsh environments
  • Supports objectives for both increased range and higher-AGL detections than single aperture OMNI configuration
  • Weight: ~45 lbs
  • Dimensions: 22”/21”/13.5” (W/D/H)
  • The detection, tracking, and alerting user interface (UI) is highly intuitive and requires minimal operator training

SkyView Tracking Library

SkyView’s UAS detection and tracking library is carefully developed to address those targets that have the highest probability of being a potential UAS threats. We continuously evaluate market adoption, proliferation, threat potential, battery life, payload and ISR capability, and operating features to determine if a given UAS should be included in the SkyView tracking library. As the threat evolves, so does SkyView’s tracking library which now includes support for more than 20 models of Group I UAS technologies.


  • Intuitive, single-view UI that requires minimal operator training
  • Fully Automated (Scans, Detects, and Alerts without user-intervention)
  • Audible and Visual Indicators on detections and detection transitions
  • Directional indicators in instances where telemetry downlink cannot be acquired
  • 4X Sector Gauges that indicate relative signal strength of current detection in progress
  • Map Overlay of SkyView-DI Sectors: Animated/Flashing Sector is the active sector, lightly shaded sector is previously active sector, all other sectors inactive