SkyView-MP: Highly Portable / Multi-Mission UAS Detection

The emergence, proliferation and rapid evolution of drone technology heralds a new era of unprecedented risk, danger and uncertainty for every facet of society.

SkyView-MP (Mobile Platform) is a small, lightweight, mobile drone detection system that provides 360° detection capability for long range “fact of” detection of the presence of a drone. The SkyView-MP is delivered with the necessary accessories to be powered via MILSPEC battery, shore power or vehicle power as well as a quickly deployable magnetic mount to transition the antenna to a vehicle/mobile application.

Detecting and identifying 20+ Group-1 COTS drones; the SkyView-MP notifies the user which sUAS has been detected via speech or visual LED indicator. Weighing in under 12 lbs, and water-resistant, the SkyView-MP solution to detecting rogue drones is a durable accompaniment. Able to operate approximately 16 hours on a single battery ensures your operations and your privacy are always protected.

Skyview-MP Capabilities

  • <12 lbs total weight including high-capacity battery
  • Tested for consistent performance in environmental chamber in excess of 140°F
  • ~16 hours of continuous operation on a single battery
  • Long range detection and identification of 20+ Class-1UAS platforms
  • Audible UAS detection alerts via built in audio-out (no keyboard or monitor required)
  • Visual UAS detection alerts via LED Status Indicator
  • Single configuration for man portable, vehicle mounted or static mounted operations
  • Integrated battery gauge to easily monitor battery level
  • Battery, shore power, and vehicle power cords included
  • HDMI, USB, and network service ports accessible for simplified upgrades and future expandability (network, ECM connectivity, etc.)

SkyView Tracking Library

SkyView’s UAS detection and tracking library is carefully developed to address those targets that have the highest probability of being a potential UAS threats. We continuously evaluate market adoption, proliferation, threat potential, battery life, payload and ISR capability, and operating features to determine if a given UAS should be included in the SkyView tracking library. As the threat evolves, so does SkyView’s tracking library which now includes support for more than 20 models of Group I UAS technologies.


  • Rapid Deployment and Operations. SkyView-MP can be placed into operations in minutes
  • Ruggedized, mobile enclosure that can stand up to the elements
  • Fully Automated (Scans, Detects, and Alerts without user-intervention)
  • Detection event monitoring with audible-only, visual-only, or traditional HDMI display
  • Readily supports Dismounted, Vehicle, Expeditionary, and Fixed-Site Operations
  • Supports the entire SkyView sUAS tracking library