Rugged, Multi-Mission CUAS System with Long-Range Detection with Precision and Sector Isolation of UAS Threats

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Proven Counter Drone Technology

Skyview-DIVR MKII CUAS Detection System delivers our proven CUAS Sensor Technology to Fixed-Site and On-The-Move Applications

  • 45° sectors tracking for non-precision UAS targets
  • New split-RADOME design for maximum integration flexibility
  • Intuitive, single-view Human Machine Interface
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Fixed-Site & Vehicle-based UAS Detection Missions

Skyview-DIVR MKII Is the Next Iteration of Our Proven Fixed-Site CUAS Platform

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 15 x 12 x 4.5 in
  • Weight: 20 lbs (Processor Only)
  • Power: 10-35VDC
  • Tested to 130° F
  • Optional pole mount HW kit for secure mount fixed-site applications

  • Long-range 360° detection and tracking of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Precision 3D tracking of many Small Unmanned Aircraft platforms
  • 45° sector tracking of non-precision Small Unmanned Aircraft platforms
  • Multi-resource HW architecture for maximum scanning and detection performance
  • Expansive software-defined library that includes detection capabilities of commercial (consumer/prosumer), DIY, and tactical SUAS transmitters
  • High probability of detection with low false alarm rates
  • Intuitive web-based User Interface featuring fully automated detection, alerting, and tracking functions

  • Proven interoperability with commercial and government multi-sensor CUAS
  • Secure Application Programming Interface (API) to support integration of SkyView-DIVR sensors into comprehensive CUAS suites
  • Native integration with special operations electronic warfare systems for auto-triggered or man-in-the-loop CUAS mitigation
  • HW Mounting points for versatile integration options (tactical vehicle, expeditionary, and fixed-site)
  • 2022 software roadmap includes native FAAD C2 interoperability to facilitate plug-and-play integration into tactical environments
  • New for 2022: Split RADOME design for maximum flexibility in sensor configuration
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Counter Drone Technology

for Diverse Range of Applications

Force protection

Early drone detection with our products enhances force protection functions where UAS pose a threat to personnel and facilities.

Threat Types for Force Protection:

  • Weaponization by Non-State Actors
  • Surveillance of Facilities and FP Operations
  • Corrective fire during an Indirect fire event
  • VBIED Operation
  • Propaganda Footage

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