what is counter drone technology?

Counter Drone and UAS Technology Successfully Minimize Safety Risks in the Airspace

Human life, strategic interests, and commercial endeavors are under increasing threat due to the intrinsic versatility and stealth of a drone.

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UAS Accidents and Incidents

Valuable targets SkyView technology can protect

Force protection

Early drone detection with our products enhances force protection functions where UAS pose a threat to personnel and facilities.

Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) are vital in any 21st-century force protection military operation.  Controlling airspace in operational areas is paramount in preserving life and achieving tactical objectives.

Drones often attack a military/security organization’s headquarters and areas of operation. Drones can be precursors to lethal force if not detected early. Additionally, the enemy uses them for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) making drones extremely effective in inflicting precision attacks often resulting in casualties and/or surveillance artifacts for propaganda purposes.

Threat Types for Force Protection:

  • Weaponization by Non-State Actors
  • Surveillance of Facilities and FP Operations
  • Corrective fire during an Indirect fire event
  • VBIED Operation
  • Propaganda Footage

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